Green smoothies changed my life

Green smoothies… hmmmm….they don’t always look so good…so I can’t tell you why about 8 weeks ago I decided to start churning these bad boys through my blender at a ridiculous speed!

Somewhere along the line they caught my interest and after a first try that was it! LOVE!

I’ve been experimenting with making smoothies and juices for quite some time, having glanced at various articles and links and, of course, who could ignore the pics of the gorgeous glowing celebs walking through Hollywood with something ridiculously healthy in their hand!!!

I started by blending fruit with yoghurt… no added sugar or sweeteners and so i thought i was being super healthy with my blueberries and greek yoghurt!! Until of course I started to read more and more and realised that the vital ingredient was the gorgeous leafy greens and definitely not the already sugary dairy….

BUT… was I really going to drink spinach ? Somehow i just couldn’t get my head around it!!! Then whilst browsing Instagram one day I came across a page entitled Simple Green Smoothies and I was in love! Not only did they list all the healthy benefits of these brightly coloured drinks but they also had recipes and challenges that could get you started. Each picture just looked like an absolute joy of health!!

I signed up for the 30 day green smoothie challenge at the beginning of October and the rest is history. Since then not only have I learnt an enormous amount about the amazing properties in leafy greens… but also how to mix kale, spinach, chard, even romaine lettuce and for it to all taste amazing! I’ve even thrown things in my blender that I didn’t even know existed!!!

Next step was to really get into some of these so called ‘superfoods’ that claim to add a whole plethora of health to your system! Having read a few things here and there I randomly took myself off to Holland and Barrett and left with a much lighter wallet and a basket full of chia sees, hemp, flax, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds not to mention goji berries!!! So much amazing stuff about all these tiny little things!!!

By the time I went on holiday at the end of October I was regularly mixing up kale with mango, strawberries and mint as a favourite and throwing in a variety of seeds!! I was craving it when I couldn’t get to my blender!!

I couldn’t quite bring myself to use bananas for some reason – stuck in the theory that they would bump up the calories and sugar and maybe make my smoothie a bit too creamy!

Until one sunday, deathly tired from a week of craziness into my blender went everything I could find in my fridge … and out came this delicious looking purple smoothie!!! ( avocado, banana, spinach, mint, chia seeds and frozen blueberries) HEAVEN!
Nevertheless….when you decide to experiment with various veggies, especially if you aren’t too keen on measuring and like to just throw stuff in… (LIKE MOI) you are bound to come up with a few dodgy combos!!! mostly they’ve been pretty good as it’s quite easy to take someone else’s recipe and learn which fruits and veggies do go together and which don’t.

I’ve regularly stuck to the method from Simple Green Smoothies… which generally states 2 cups greens, 2 cups liquid and 3 cups fruit and always to blend up the greens with liquid first before adding the rest of the ingredients.

I’m so hooked, that from now on I’ll be a positing a new recipe every week!!!!

Here’s why I love them!!!

1- Increased energy… no more caffeine required, I literally feel full of life!

2- Glowing skin

3- I now crave healthy foods and no longer crave junk…

4- you can take them with you anywhere

5- It’s an easy way to get fruit and veggies in, even when you are on the run.

6- Refreshing and amazing to taste!!!

Enjoy !

A few other great inspirational pages to check out …

Be Fit Smoothies

Lola Cooks

Smooth Blender


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