Going VVVVvegan?


For a while now, I’ve been what I would describe as a mindful eater, learning more about organic produce and the effect of processed foods on your health, making healthier choices but not always following everything I learn..

As i educated myself, I would say that whilst I cut down, my love of all food meant it was hard to really make changes all the time!!! However during Christmas of 2013, when an abnormally large amount of meat, dairy, alcohol and all things chocolate became the norm, I really got my thinking cap on and started to delve deeper into what is really happening with all the food I was consuming.

What I found was actually too hard to write… let’s just say sluggish digestion, skin breakouts and clogged arteries are the least of your worries when you start hearing about how it’s legal to have a certain amount of pus cells in milk and all the bacteria and chemicals you consume from meat and fish… if you are squeamish, definitely don’t start looking for images about this !!!

The more I read the more I realised that the benefits of a plant based diet are endless… not just to your health but also to all the little furry friends you indirectly save!!!

The more you research, the more you realise that advocates of a plant based diet report clearer skin, more energy, better digestion, feelings of being more alert and also weight loss!!! What more could you want…

There are loads of cute places you can find to eat if you start looking and also lots of mainstream restaurants like pizza express have lots of vegan options for you so don’t despair that this equals the end of your social life!!! I had a great dinner here last week with a completely non vegan friend!: Vantra Vitao

After just 3 weeks I felt amazing. At the beginning it was hard to watch my other half tucking into a roast chicken or a melt in your mouth piece of salmon fillet but stay focused and it gets easier each day. Good habits are as hard to break as bad habits!!! Now my taste buds have changed so significantly that I don’t even like the smell of meat cooking…

Here are some simple changes you can make to make sure you stay on track:

Swap milk for almond milk ( I am now obsessed with almond milk!!!)

Buy everything fresh.. it’s much easier to stay focused on those leafy greens when they fill up your fridge and can go bad quite quickly!

Follow some vegan princesses on social media. Twitter and Instagram are full of amazing and inspirational people that share recipes and post pictures so beautiful you’ll wonder why you didn’t always eat like this!! ( Check out Tina Grundin, Jilicious Journey and Naturally Stefanie to name just a few)

Make a BIG green or fruit smoothie in the morning for breakfast.
Carry snacks of fruit and nuts with you throughout the day( easy on the nuts). It will fill you up and keep you focused.
Add Chia seeds to your water…they will expand and make you feel full and provide more omega 3 than salmon!!!!

Lastly start looking for vegan options and places to shop… here are some great ideas to get you started!!!

Holland and Barrett
BBC Good food

You’ll never look back!!


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