Eat Clean

Eat clean…

It seems to be something that I currently see a lot…EAT CLEAN…sounds good right ? but what exactly does it mean ?

Over the years I have tried, like most women, several different diets! Not necessarily for my weight, sometimes just in the name of trying to be healthy and ensure that you actually treat your body right.

The thing is no one really knows what this means…some things of course are obvious…basic biology tells us you need fuel to survive, too much and your body stores the extra…but too little and the same could also happen. Too many women skip meals in the battle to keep under a certain amount of calories and end up forcing their bodies into starvation mode and struggling to lose weight and never really understanding why.

Eating clean in it’s simplest explanation means making sure everything you eat and drink is clean and unprocessed! Simple right…it’s what nature intended before factories that processed meat and machines that make fizzy drinks were invented. It’s not something you do for a week to try and lose a few pounds, it’s a fundamental change to the way you treat your body and the best news of all … you will never feel hungry, you can eat all the time (within reason) and you will feel amazing !

Examles of eating clean:

Lots and Lots of water!
Lean protein
complex carbs
healthy fats

There is loads of advice you can get online and loads of interesting facts and recipes posted to social media everyday. Just think to yourself if it’s natural.. go for it and just imagine keeping your insides clean the same way you keep your body clean on the outside!


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