Instagram crush!


Instagram crushes!!!

I have to admit, I am totally hooked on Instagram ( sad i know)…I check it daily, more than once…I’ve always loved photos, and there are people that I love to watch… there you go I said it! But… it’s easy to get carried away with pages that don’t really mean anything to you or your life and then there are pages where I find myself liking EVERY SINGLE PHOTO… and so i want to focus on those that inspire me to live healthier, do more, be grateful, keep going, smile, love & push myself.

Over the last 6 months there are some pages that have had a really positive effect on my life, mainly from a health perspective, whether it be encouraging me to workout, inspiring me to eat healthy or just giving me great ideas for new raw vegan salads, smoothies and breakfasts!

So today I thought I would share my Instagram crushes, the ones that I love to watch, in the hope that someone else will benefit from improved health and happiness!

  • Aisha Thalia…23 inch waist and something like 39 inch hips. Enough said.. the woman is a caramel skinned, curly locked curvy beauty. You could just look at her pics in awesome bikinis and cut offs but there’s so much more to it… She’s vegan, she’s a Mother and her page is packed with health tips to integrate to your day….why not to eat meat, the benefits of chia seeds, life’s natural painkillers… and the best thing is she actually posts great nutritional tips whether it be for your waist line, hair or complexion. AH-MAZING!
  • Fit Queen Irene …A yogi that travels all over the world teaching, even though she only started practising 2 years ago. She also lifts weights and shows that a woman can be fit, strong, muscly and flexible… you don’t have to choose between yoga and the gym.. I’m lucky enough to be attending a 2 day workshop with her in London in May so keep your eyes peeled for a Fit Queen Irene blog special!
  • Loni Jane. A while ago, this beauty came under some controversy for her raw vegan diet with claims that she’s still eating hundreds of bananas a day even whilst heavily pregnant. Of course everyone had an opinion but this girl is glowing and looks the picture of health. Her pics alone will show you why this is clearly the right lifestyle especially when you see the before pics. A true health inspiration.
  • Yoga hands down favourite yogi! She’s tall, beautiful, humble, amazing and yet normal all at once. This beauty also travels the world teaching yoga as well as running her own retreat in the stunning Aruba! I’m determined to get there one day! I’ve been privileged to be taught by her twice and it’s certainly not social media fluff, she is incredible. The most difficult yoga moves, she glides through with ease.. and has a fabulous skill for breaking it down to the total basics. An absolute must follow for newbie yoginis and advanced practitioners alike.
  • Brussels Vegan… This is where I first learnt about banana Island! No it’s unfortunately not an actual place but a great way to apply the 80/10/10 diet as a mini detox eating nothing but bananas! This isn’t however the only thing that this beautiful Instagram page is all about BUT it is full of fabulous 80/10/10 raw vegan recipes and pics… if you want to make the switch, visit here to get your meal inspiration.

Head on over to Instagram, check them out for yourself and let me know which ones you crush on!

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